Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Update!

Saturday was actually a little "warm" and the snow began to melt a little. I kept hearing these loud noises coming from outside the sunroom.
When I looked out the window I saw this beast of an icicle.
The noises I heard from the sunroom were actually icicles falling from the roof, this one fell about 30 minutes after this picture and Jake and I both jumped.

When Hadley got up from her nap Saturday she was mixing up some yummy snacks.

Some coloring if you will.

Sunday we actually had one service at church but the roads were still kinda bad and Hadley had been running a low grade fever and had a nasty snot nose as well as a cough, so we spent yet another day inside.

Well, to be honest I actually got out Sunday!!!! It was only to the grocery store, but still. I just ran by to get some basic things but really needed milk for Hadley because she was running low.

This is what I found. Nearly a week after the SNOWPOCALYPSE and still nothing!

Sunday night we were invited to a Super Bowl Party with some friends from church, but Hadley was still snotting and coughing ALOT, so we had a little party just the 3 of us.
Geared up for the Steelers, too bad...maybe next year.
Jake glued to the game.

Hadley dancin' with Fergie.

Before our Monday Wal-Mart run. Where we found eggs, milk, and bread...HOORAY!! I got 3 gallons of milk because we're supposed to get 8 more inches of snow by Wednesday night!

Tonight's Dinner:
Chicken Spaghetti

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Oooo I need that chicken spaghetti recipe! And that is crazy that there was no milk!!!


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