Monday, February 7, 2011

Hadley's 21 Months!

So today Hadley turned the big 2-1, 21 months that is. I can't believe how close she 's getting to 2! I officially have 3 months before her birthday, which may sound like a while, but I'm actually getting nervous about everything I have to get ready. Back to more important things....
You have the sweetest smile and right now you give the best ones when we ask you where your cheeks are!
Your favorite thing probably ever is to jump if there's no trampoline you'll make due with what you have.
I've seen alot of your ingenuity come out this month as well. Today you set up an obstacle course in the living room with books, magazines and your chair and ran patterns around them, your daddy and I just laughed.

You're the pickiest eater except for those randoms things that most people would assume a 1 year old wouldn't like.
Example: Watermelon

You get so excited when we get the blocks out but not because you love to build, but because you LOVE to knock down. And you're always so proud once you have.
Over the last couple weeks you've experienced quite a bit of snow and have enjoyed it very much. One of your favorite parts about it has nothing to do with snow because its your hat and boots.
Your still in love with Raja and you make sure that "Sha-sha" and "Bonkey" are both in your bed every night.
You're actually starting to get some serious hair in. Its getting really thick (for a baby) and you get compliments on your "bob" quite a bit.
Some of your favorite things right now:
* "I do it!"
* "Ernges" aka oranges or clementines
* Shoes (crocs especially) on ALL the time
* Your "Mermaid" shirt. You get it out daily whether its in the dirty clothes or a drawer and put it on.
* Cookin' in your kitchen
* Your blue rabbit ears from last Easter. You're wearing them almost everyday when I get you up from nap.
* Anytime you're handed something you say, "Hur Hadley" ("hur"=here)
* Any and all Disney Princess movies.

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