Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Thrilling Thursday

Thrilling really is a good word to describe today. The Hadster and I started off our day by going to our SAA playgroup at Miss Ellie and Miss Avery's house, thank you girls for having us. It was so much fun (I forgot to take pictures) but there were several kiddos there and they all played really hard until we left. After playgroup we headed to Target to pick up some Spring play clothes for the Hadster while they still had them in her size. (By the way if you have a girl you should definitely check out their clothes this season, super cute!) On the way home we swung through Chick-fil-A and Hadley enjoyed some chicken nuggets.
Once we got home I tried to get Hadley to take a nap but it was not happening so I decided I would "teach her a lesson." That lesson was, I was going to WEAR HER OUT. If she's refusing a nap I thought why don't I make her wish she had taken one. So..... I went and got her and we ran a couple errands then came back to play in the backyard. It was so warm I actually put her in shorts and put on sunscreen. Hadley swung, ran around, and went down the slide for about an hour until Andrew got home.

She loves to swing!!

Time to slide!

Once Andrew got home we headed to the park near our house. We put on Hadley's monkey back-pack/leash and had her walk with us, which she loved. When we got there, she wanted to try out everything in the playground and ran to each one, like she had some fear it wouldn't be there in 3 seconds.


Some little gadget table.

Makin' her way to the slide.

(I love this picture because you can see her holding onto "bonkey." She made sure she had a hold of her/him before EVERY trip down the slide.)

Bummin' a ride from daddy on the way home.
I'm really hoping she learns her "lesson." Tonight when Andrew was reading her Bible story to her he said she fell asleep before he had even finished the first page. I guess we'll find out tomorrow at nap time if this was a success.

Tonight's Dinner:
Beef Stir Fry

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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